Using “The Takeaway Close” To Your Advantage

Using "The Takeaway Close" To Your AdvantageHelpful Tips on Closing a Deal

Psychology is an interesting thing, especially when it comes to sales and closing a deal. When it comes to listening to advice for Realtors, it is best that you analyze strategies that have yielded successful results. While you may be inclined to stay true to traditional selling strategies, switching it up a bit and playing off psychological tendencies can help you land the deal.

Have you ever noticed that the more you tell someone they cannot have something, the more they want it? This psychological trend acts as an advantageous sales technique, as “the takeaway close” has the ability to draw consumers in when they did not even want to listen in the first place. The takeaway close is used in everyday marketing strategies simply because it yields results.

For some reason, telling humans that they cannot have something or that they must inquire further to determine their eligibility stirs their interest. Simply ending a campaign with “contact us to determine if you qualify,” can help to close a deal. This goes for time-limited offers as well. Telling someone they must take advantage of this opportunity before the promotion ceases can help to entice consumers.

Start your action plan today! Simply by testing the takeaway close, you can increase your sales and see successful results almost immediately! We hope these helpful tips on closing a deal make for successful real estate transactions.

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