5 Sales Tips For Closing on Land Parcels

Learn how to successfully close a sale on land parcels with these tips. Your business can thrive if you know exactly how to sell your business, clearly communicate to the client, and successfully close most sales. Increase your sales rate with these 5 nifty tips to get your business boosted: It’s not what you say; it’s what your customer Read More

Characteristics that Make for a Successful Real Estate Agent

Tips to Succeed at Real Estate No matter what industry you are striving for success in, there is a variety of lifestyle influences and mentalities that one can hold to promote success. As a client-oriented profession, real estate agents must hold certain characteristics in order to shoot for the stars. Gathered are some helpful tips to succeed Read More

Are Your Real Estate Agent Referral Strategies Successful?

The Most Successful Referral Strategy - Asking! When it comes to real estate agent referral strategies, there are methods that yield successful results and others that seem to be more time than it is worth. If you are looking to increase referrals, there is only one major method of all the referral strategies that actually works – just ask for Read More

Are You Being Busy Productive or Just Busy?

It seems that busy is the way most of us would like to describe each day in the office, however, are you being productive busy or are you just busy doing the wrong things? There are a variety of simple extra steps that you can take to get you one step closer to finalizing a sale. There is a clear distinction between busy and productive, allow these Read More

Getting More Appointments Equates to Closing More Sales

Although many assume that closing the deal is the most difficult part of the real estate process, getting the appointment is actually more challenging! No matter how experienced you are, if you do not accurately depict yourself during the phone call, nobody is going to agree to a face-to-face meeting. Many real estate agents make the mistake of Read More

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