Sales Tip: Stop Selling On Price

Sales Tip: Stop Selling on priceThere Are More Important Selling Factors Than Price

When you first step into a sales role, you expect bargaining on price to be your primary point of focus. SalesForce Training surveys conducted over the years have revealed that may not always be the case, though. In fact, only nine to fourteen percent of surveyed buyers listed sales price as their top factor when making a buying decision!

In other words, the majority of people are thinking about something other than just a number when making the decision to buy. Consequently, a crucial sales tip is to stop selling on price!

Other factors that can help you close the sale are your own competence, the options you can offer, the service you provide, and the value you bring. First, you need to show the buyer that you are qualified so they can have confidence in you as someone recommending a product or service to them. Then, give your prospect lots of choices on how they can tailor what you are offering to meet their specific needs. Follow that up with information about all of the ongoing services you can provide to make their lives better and easier. Finally, emphasize that your product is the best value, offering your prospect the most quality, the most deliverable results, the most long-term satisfaction, etc. for their money.

Clearly, price should not be the be-all, end-all in your sale. Take the time to learn which other factors your prospect values most and you will be closing in no time!

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