Change A Prospect To A Buyer With Mood

Sales Tip: Change your Mood not your MindChanging Someone’s Mood, Not Their Mind, Makes The Difference

People like to think that when they make the decision to buy, it all comes down to cold logic. If impulse buys are any indication, though, we have solid evidence that this is not always the case. In fact, oftentimes someone’s mood is the difference-maker in a sale!

If you are hoping to close the sale, try changing your prospect’s mood, not his or her mind. While you should provide logical reasoning, using these mood changers can get someone to finally say yes to the sale.

  • Help Them Out. We are all busy. If you can somehow lighten someone else’s load a little, you will make them much happier and that sunnier disposition will put them in the buying mood. Fill out their paperwork for them, take on a task they have on their to-do list to give them time to think about the sale, or look for other ways to make life simpler for your prospect.
  • Feed Them. You have probably heard the old saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That is true for prospects—male and female alike—too! Take your prospect out to a meal as a token of appreciation for their time, and you might just make their day, helping you make the sale.
  • Be Friendly. Why talk to your prospect like a machine? He or she is a human, you know. Use storytelling, humor, and other genuine connections to build rapport and a pathway to a closed sale.

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