Intermediate Closing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Intermediate Closing Strategies for Real Estate AgentsUtilizing Intermediate Closing Strategies to Finalize a Real Estate Transaction

Once you have become an expert in closing deals, it is time to start working your way up and utilizing some intermediate-level strategies for real estate agents. These closing strategies for real estate agents are not necessarily more difficult, rather they are simply more complex in nature. Once you have mastered the basics, these techniques can easily be accomplished:

The Pact Close

This is a unique deal closing strategy as you are making a pact with the prospect by saying that you are not selling them anything. Rather, before beginning your presentation, you are requesting that the prospect listen with an open mind about something that many customers have been so pleased with. By using terms such as fair, open mind, and not selling, prospects will be more inclined to listen without a judgmental outlook.

The Peer Pressure Close

This is the approach to take if the prospect is insisting on “thinking it over for a bit.” Instead of allowing this prospect to walk out the door and forget everything you have said, you must be fully equipped with testimonials and pictures of clients who have been satisfied with their results.


When a prospect insists that they simply do not need what you are trying to sell, try to take the self-blame approach. Start by saying you have not represented your service well enough, because the prospect’s problem could be solved through your unique solution. Next, ask for advice on how to improve the experience. This will not only allow you to reveal the prospect’s true reasoning behind saying no, but it will also give you insight into how you can improve in the future.

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