5 Sales Tips For Closing on Land Parcels

Learn how to successfully close a sale on land parcels with these tips. Your business can thrive if you know exactly how to sell your business, clearly communicate to the client, and successfully close most sales. Increase your sales rate with these 5 nifty tips to get your business boosted: It’s not what you say; it’s what your customer Read More

Sales Tip: Stop Selling On Price

There Are More Important Selling Factors Than Price When you first step into a sales role, you expect bargaining on price to be your primary point of focus. SalesForce Training surveys conducted over the years have revealed that may not always be the case, though. In fact, only nine to fourteen percent of surveyed buyers listed sales price as Read More

Change A Prospect To A Buyer With Mood

Changing Someone’s Mood, Not Their Mind, Makes The Difference People like to think that when they make the decision to buy, it all comes down to cold logic. If impulse buys are any indication, though, we have solid evidence that this is not always the case. In fact, oftentimes someone’s mood is the difference-maker in a sale! If you are Read More

Tips For Closing Like A Pro

Closing A Deal 101 As a real estate agent selling land, it is important that you know how to close a deal in a quick and efficient manner. Often, people focus on the outcome of the sale rather than focusing on the process of procuring the deal. There are an abundance of quick closing tips and suggestions that your friends and family can give Read More

Dealing With Adversity In A Business Setting

Helpful Tips For Overcoming Business Obstacles There are a wide range of disruptive situations that we experience in our professional and personal lives that can have a direct impact on the business side of things. Adversity in business can be more challenging to handle, as there are many different aspects that must be kept in mind throughout Read More

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